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Technical Details

Browser support, framework dependencies, and other details for technical integration

Trying to determine if Betterlink will integrate well with your website? The short answer: Yes, Betterlink will work!

If you need more than our steadfast assurance, check out the detailed sections below.

Browser Support

Betterlink has very wide browser support. There's a pretty simple reason for this:

Betterlink should only be additive to a site and never take away from the web experience.

We're striving to complement and replace the links people already share -- it's unfair for us to limit the ability to interact with a webpage any more than a visitor would be able to naturally.

The short answer: Betterlink is supported by all modern browsers and most older browsers.

IE7+ is officially supported, and IE6 should work (however, it has not been thoroughly tested).

International Support

If there's text that displays on your page, Betterlink will be able to link straight to it. It doesn't matter if you say 'hello' as 你好 or שָׁלוֹם.

Yes, that includes emoji too

Give it a shot to see for yourself: link to 'hello'


Betterlink does not use any external JavaScript frameworks (ex: jQuery, MooTools). You also don't have to worry about when Betterlnk loads on your page (i.e., no external dependencies or side effects).

In addition to our 'Plain Old JavaScript', Betterlink may also load the JSON3 polyfill to support JSON parsing in older browsers.

Module Loading

Betterlink does not yet support AMD or CommonJS for loading Betterlink as a module.

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